Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Leaked Details and Rumors



Besides a numerical leap, not much else seems known about the Galaxy Note 20. Sure, general improvements should feel expected, but what can we infer?

Thankfully, demos are finally getting released, and announcement season is almost here. Until then, here are some of the latest details we have.

The Fastest Note Yet

It’s clear Samsung is pushing speed with the upcoming product launches. Chances are, the amount of storage and RAM are more than you need.

Early reviews confirm 12 GB of RAM with a higher-end Qualcomm Snapdragon in tow. Combined, users should feel little to no lag.

And with a suggested 120 Hz refresh rate, Samsung is going for gaming. If they won’t ditch the stylus, maybe it’ll come in handy after all.

(At Least) Triple Camera Array

Leaked photos show the casing or at least a mockup of the Note 20. And front and center is a sizeable cutout for the rear camera array.

It’s far larger for only one or two lenses and likely can house several. Considering Samsung made Xiaomi’s Note 10 setup, they’re borrowing many features.

You can anticipate a 108 MP primary lens, with at least two support cameras. And the front-facing lens peaks from a punch-hole display.

Sleek Body

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 features a slimmed-down, albeit boring, body. Besides a stylus, there isn’t much to keep it distinctive from the competition.

Thankfully, there aren’t any buttons or ports to fumble with on the rear. Even the fingerprint scan gets performed in-screen, although it’s not as accurate.

It’s unlikely the company would ditch water-resistance after how well the 10 performed. And although the rear is bare, the glass does retain its sleekness.

All Day Battery Pack

With higher processing power comes more power drain. Samsung comes to the party prepared, however, with at last 4,000 mAh.

While that may not last a full 24-hours, it should feel enough. Even running top-of-the-line processors should provide several hours of use per charge.

Unfortunately, there likely won’t be a fast charging option. On the other hand, you won’t spend more on equipment, either.

What Will the Galaxy 20 Cost?

Pinning down an exact cost is still too early to tell. That said, as the mid-range flagship, it’s likely around $1,000.

That doesn’t mean it will feature absolutely everything you would want. It will, however, cover enough bases that the price will seem more worthy.

Sure, the 20 Ultra goes the added distance, but some see it as unnecessary. Saving a few hundred bucks, then, isn’t the worst thing for a more practical device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: A Work Horse

With a ridiculous amount of storage, RAM, and processing, the Galaxy Note 20 should impress. And shaving off some features in favor of a cheaper tag is ideal.

While it may stay more expensive than you would like, it’s worth the cost. You receive Samsung’s latest device designed for all-day performance.