Will Google Debut the Pixel 5 This Year?



Although Google I/O is canceled, rumors of the Pixel 5 are still appearing. Even with other products launching soon, October could hold more surprises.

It makes sense that a new flagship line would have debuted alongside other releases. And it feasibly could have happened, with coronavirus-less circumstances.

Reverse Wireless Charging Capabilities

The next trend by smartphone companies seems to be reverse wireless charging. And while the Pixel 5 wouldn’t be the first, it would be in the series.

No formal announcements have gotten made, but Android 11 Developer Preview does introduce Battery Share. The feature states it will power “compatible ear buds, watches, phones, and more.”

If this option is available, it makes sense to release a Pixel that uses it. And with other peripherals on the way, it seems likely.

5G Capable Out of the Box

Everyone’s flagships are making the change to 5G options, except for Google. The Pixel 4a won’t have enough room or power for it, ruling it out. The Pixel 4 XL could feasibly offer it or have a standalone model. Or, that could stay reserved for the alleged Pixel 5 instead?

Unfortunately, that could mean a weaker processor chip to shave off costs. However, that also means better connectivity as a trade-off with an already decent system.

More Affordable Price Point

Should 5G rumors pan out, a cheaper chipset offers a more affordable price. It’s possible a Pixel 5 launch then, proves more accessible than 4 and XL models.

That also means having to give up some key features and upgrades. And as the Pixel 4a forgoes motion support, the 5 also would, too.

It also makes sense that Google is trying to extend battery life without larger packs. Cutting down on processing power would drain less juice over time.

Pixel 5 Camera Array

The Pixel 4 seems to lack way more lenses than the competition. Releasing another flagship could fill the gap.

Even a secondary lens for depth would capture the image quality Google is known for having. Or, if costs allow, we could see even more.

Either way, you will likely still have the front-facing and at least one rear camera. And hopefully, they have learned lessons from the 4’s white balance issues.

Face Unlock Feature

Leaked photos suggest a Pixel 5 would keep the thicker display bevels. As more competing products ditch them, it must mean they serve a function.

A fuller front camera bevel makes Face Unlock likely. And if it ditches Motion Sense requirements, it’s a welcome addition.

There are no hints at a return to a fingerprint scan button, either. Without Face Unlock, users have surprisingly few security options to implement.

Display Refresh Rate

Another battlefield for smartphone companies is display refresh rates. So far, Google seems to maintain 90 Hz as standard.

That would easily happen with a supposed Snapdragon 5G chipset. Or, we may find an even higher rate somehow.

As with other rumors, the cost is the most significant factor here. Hopefully, we’ll learn more before October arrives.