The Google Pixel 4a: Minimalism at Work


While Google wisely offers a scaled-down Pixel 4a, it isn’t sacrificing too much. In fact, it has brought back two options ditched with the third edition. And while it uses a smaller body, it still packs a punch.

Singular Rear Camera Lens

It’s a little shocking to see only one lens on the rear. Compared to the original Pixel 4, you’re losing three additional cameras. That isn’t to say you can’t take stunning photos anyways. Previous Google devices have earned high praise for their camera features. However, as competitors get to adding more lenses and features, it’s an odd direction for Google to go in.

Besides, if you strip away features, wouldn’t you make up for it in selfies? At least you still have the front-facing lens to look forward to now.

No Facial Recognition

The Pixel 4’s best feature is also its most absent with the “a” model. While it’s obvious as to why you won’t have any 3-D facial recognition, it’s currently unclear if we will see any similar options. Perhaps we’ll have merely the fingerprint scanner. Thankfully, that is stuck on the rear of the phone, freeing up more display space.

And with a decrease in camera lenses, it’s challenging to know what options will stay. At least these sacrifices got made for supposed better speed and performance. And at the end of the day, if you’re going for function of flash; this is an expected direction.

Possibly no XL Model

Some rumors are harder to disprove than others. While not likely, there is the possibility of not seeing a Pixel 4 XL. Keep in mind, that’s a rumor right now and is not confirmed. We do know that there are at least two different models planned. That can mean that we may see three Pixel 4a’s, possibly 5G capable.

Even if only one has the chipset, it’s still an interesting addition. And it could lead to a permanent axing of future XL phones as well. Stay tuned to see how this one develops because we’re all ears.

Several Chipset Possibilities

Pinning down its 5G capabilities is even harder with the logged chips getting used. With three possible prototypes, we still can’t tell what Google is thinking. Then again, do we ever?

In any case, the Pixel 4a will feature faster performance and improved storage. What it lacks in hardware should get made up for with what’s under the hood.

Google has run both the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 and 765, fanning the flames. Perhaps all Pixel 4a’s are 5G capable, or just one.

Slimmed Down Price Point

The entire approach of the Pixel a series is to keep costs lower. And due to what we can expect to see scrapped, the price should seem reasonable to most consumers.

The Pixel 3a sold for under $400, and it no longer seems available. It would make sense that the 4a will take over the price point. Even if the phone costs a little more than that, it likely won’t launch over $500. If it does, it starts defeating the purpose of a mid-range Google product.

We may see a steeper price if the Pixel 4 XL disappears. However, with a plastic body and fewer hardware options, it shouldn’t feel too expensive for most.