Cheaper(er) Alternatives To Coachella


Who wouldn’t want to see household names performing with other famous musical acts at one of the world's biggest annual festivals? Unfortunately, not everyone finds the time, or the hundreds of dollars needed, to enjoy Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and other events.

However, you can still get your fix for live tunes and positive vibes without breaking the bank. Here’s some ideas for not only alternatives to the biggest festivals; but alternatives to how you think about the biggest festivals as well!

Define Why You’re Going

What do you get out of attending? Some people enjoy the raw, live energy; while others just like being in a crowd among fans. However, basing an entire luxury vacation around one aspect of the event could be costing you more in the end.

If you like crowds, you can enjoy plenty of them in theme parks, comic conventions, parades, and other events. Or, if you prefer the music aspect, seek out more intimate venues that don’t cost a ton to get in.


Support Local Music

Sure, the A-list acts are what you’re after, but choosing local shows remains more affordable and convenient. And while they may be relatively unknown now, that doesn’t mean that they won’t make it big later.

Find out what shows are getting hosted by local radio stations, colleges, and universities, or outdoor parks and amphitheaters. You may discover a new favorite band, all without spending a fortune on concert tickets and lodging.


Seasonal Theme Park Concerts

Nearly every theme park, from local brands to international companies, have learned to tap into music fans for annual events. Everyone from your mom and pop parks to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, schedule at least one entertainment festival.

You likely won’t be able to see everyone scheduled to appear throughout the month of the event. However, you can see some of your favorite acts in between enjoying thrill rides without much of an upcharge.

Search Social Media for Events

While it may sound obvious, look up local events online for any you may have otherwise missed not known. Social media consistently updates on new performances, even if it isn’t on your preferred networks or platforms.

Take MySpace, for instance, which isn’t as dead as you think it is, which now serves as an online entertainment hub. Facebook makes it simple to find acts you enjoy, as well as future events already in the works.


Knock-Off Bands

Imitation remains the highest form of flattery, and some knock-off acts perform every bit as good as the original. And even if they don’t, the venues they play often have decent drink specials, making them sound better eventually.

You aren’t just watching your favorite doppelgangers but reliving the magic of a performance by the Real McCoy. While other acts remain known for near-perfect renditions, read some reviews before committing to an evening out.

Find Cheaper Festivals

Okay, so you still want the Coachella experience without spending a cool grand on admission. Believe it or not, you can find a variety of similar experiences at lower costs.

BottleRock Napa Valley can get enjoyed for as little as $99 per day, as well as an affordable three-day pass. Or, let your admission go to a good cause at the annual Basilica Block Party, maintaining its namesake cathedral.

Which Acts Excite You Most?

You may have purchased tickets to see Ariana Grande, but that also means sitting through a dozen other acts. And when you haven’t heard of most of the others, it makes you question why you paid full price.

Instead, stay connected with musicians you care about most and attempt to see them when they tour your town. It may prove more affordable than a three-day event, and you cut down on travel expenses.


At the end of the day, the question is all about what experiences matter most to you. Determine what your values are and what will enrich your life the most. You may come to find that it doesn’t include dropping a few thousand dollars on the world’s biggest music festival.