Have Fun, Spend Less. 5 Things You Can Do For Fun Within One Hour of Home

Minimalists aren’t opposed to spending money. However, we are generally against spending too much of it without a darn good reason. To live within the minimalist lifestyle is to generally eschew excess and waste. This doesn’t mean you can never go on vacation (and more on minimalist travel can be found HERE), and it doesn’t mean that spending a little money here or there is necessarily a problem. 


Rather, minimalists prioritize experiential activities. What does that mean? It means what matters more is the experience itself and the enjoyment of it. To that end, minimalists are true “in the moment” folks who strive for positive, enriching experiences rather than luxuriously high price-tag events. 


With that in mind, whether you’re a hardcore minimalist or just looking to inject a little simple pleasure and enjoyment into your life, here are five things you can do for fun within one hour of home that won’t break the bank.

Have A Picnic

It sounds trite, but especially in today’s fast-paced, online, plugged-in world, a simple picnic can be an enriching and enjoyable experience. Pack a lunch, jump in the car, and head to a national park, a sunny meadow, the beach, or anywhere you’d like!

Combine your picnic with a mystery road trip for double the experience. Simply pack the card, point it in a direction and let the road take you. Explore new towns, find a hidden lake, or explore a secluded beach. Half the fun is not knowing where you’ll wind up, but enjoying the time it takes to get there. 


Grab your significant other and just spend some time enjoying each other’s company for a change. 

Visit An Antique Mall

While they’re more plentiful in the south and the midwestern United States, antique malls can be found anywhere and can be a real treat. These behemoth buildings usually house dozens, if not hundreds of vendor stalls with everything from antique furniture to collectors items, clothing, odds and ends, old books, and more.

If you’re unfamiliar, antique malls are like 1,000 antique stores in one building. You’ll see a diverse array of items all in one place. Glimpse a bit of the past, maybe buy something unique, or treat it like a trip to the museum and see a few things you’ve never seen before.


And speaking of museums….

Visit A Museum

Not only do most museums offer affordable entry rates, many are actually free of charge! Museuming is something of a lost art these days but there’s a lot out there to enjoy and explore. There are, of course, your well-known art and history museums to explore; however, why stop there?

Across the country, museums dedicated to everything from food and music to oddities and architecture can be found. Try a few of these offbeat attractions and see something different for a change.

Attend A Local Festival or Fair

Everyone holds out for the big parades and fairs; but did you know there are dozens going on each month? Smaller towns or cities have their own history and culture that they celebrate. This can include fairs, festivals, parades, and more. Do a local search and find out what’s going on in your town or area and make plans to take a road trip to see what it’s all about.

Try Camping

The great outdoors has always offered the opportunity for peaceful tranquility in an undisturbed setting. Whether it’s bird watching, hiking, fishing, foraging, or any of the combination of the above; camping offers a great opportunity to connect or reconnect with mother nature.

Pack a tent and a few supplies and spend a night or weekend under the stars. Build a campfire, 

play some songs, gaze at the night sky, and more. All it takes is a short car ride away from the hustle and bustle of city life to find yourself in more peaceful surroundings. 


Nature also provides an ideal setting for practicing meditation and other mindfulness exercises. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better locale. 

Big Fun Without Big Bucks

At its heart, minimalism isn’t really about how much money you spend or how much effort you put into an activity or getaway. What matters most is the experience and the joy the activity brings you. While a little money may need to be spent for some of the above activities, you can generally go minimal on expense without compromising on the enjoyment.