iPhone 11 Main Features You Need To Know

While many iPhone iterations feel like the only thing new is the model number, the 11 proves Apple still designs. In addition to updated software offerings and photography skills, the iPhone 11 is lighter, brighter, and can take a beating.

And while it’s nice to know you can drop your new phone a few more times, other enhancements stand out. Upgraded camera hardware, advanced display screen, new photo modes, and more, make the iPhone 11 the best one to date.

Updated Camera

Sure, the iPhone 11 gives you all the information you could ever need…. but most people want its camera most. The reason for it is the unique, yet not-quite-original, tri-lens camera array leading to sharper, lifelike photography sessions 24-hours daily.

Indoor shots, nighttime outdoor snaps, gloomy weather, and more, are a thing of the past with enhanced zoom and balancing. Combined with the many new features offered through software updates, this is the ideal phone for any Instagram star with:

  •         Tri-lens Camera Array
  •         TrueDepth Camera 12 MP Camera
  •         12 MP Front Camera
  •         Up to 5X Optical Zoom Out
  •         Dual Camera Video Recording
  •         24, 30, or 60 FPS Recording
  •         Brighter Flash

Not only is this camera downright dangerous in the right hands, but even amateur photographers can shoot killer photos anywhere. If you purchase smartphones based on camera capabilities, you can’t miss the iPhone 11 while you wait for 12’s launch.

And while the camera is great, it’s still glass! So make sure to get an iPhone 11 case which has a built-in camera protector for added security. Thankfully, if you want added protection and durability without the bulk, MNML’s slim phone case is the world’s thinnest phone case. 

Upgraded Camera Software

Okay, so, an Apple phone had yet another software update, so what’s the big deal with a few new modes? Surprisingly, the improved camera’s Night Mode and Slow Motion Selfies are enough to make many users jump.

The new Night Mode allows you to take realistic, balanced, and clear photos in dark settings via advanced ML additions. And while evening photos seem like they take center stage, there is a lot to love about the software update, including:

  •         Upgraded Night Mode
  •         Slow Motion Selfies, “Slofies”
  •         Post-Frame Zoom Outs
  •         Faster Face ID

In short, the camera’s software has finally caught up to the advanced hardware capabilities that Apple remains known for offering. It isn’t just a better camera experience, but the behind-the-scenes processes bringing images to life are impressive enough by themselves.

Enhanced Durability

The front glass will finally outlive the rest of the phone, although you should still use a case. CNET found that during an 11-foot drop test onto bare concrete, the glass is about the most durable part of the phone! 

The enhanced durability of the new iPhone 11 boasts defenses against water, dust, and liquid splashes in addition to drops, falls, dings, and dents. It has a highly technical grade of IP68 under IEC standard 60529. Impressed? Not sure if you should be? Okay, in English that means it is advertised to survive 6.5’ of water, submerged for half an hour.

While it isn’t recommended to see if yours holds up in the same test, it does offer added peace of mind. At least you know it can get a little wet as you skip through your music playlist in the shower.

Lighter Weight

At 6.84 ounces, you can fling the iPhone 11 even further following yet another round of annoying telemarketing robocalls. Seriously, though, at less than half a pound, that’s an impressively light device, and your pockets will thank you.

The lighter heft of the phone is thanks to an aluminum frame coupled with rear and front glass surface panels. While the battery and any cases will add weight, you’re starting with lighter device builds.


The Liquid Retina display, an improved LCD screen, creates a nearly seamless visual experience with a 1792 X 828 resolution. While previous iterations failed to outpace OLED displays in older iPhone models, you can enjoy a drastically improved screen responsiveness.

Utilizing a six-channel light sensor, the Liquid Retina display is also considered the most color-accurate of any previous iPhone iterations. The resulting pictures are white balance tones that look more natural as they adjust to the area’s surrounding color temperature.

Finally, Apple adds yet another classic Android feature, this time, the ability to wake your phone via tapping the screen. Although more of a novelty feature, it is interesting that they continue to pilfer elements Android phones have instituted before.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a current iPhone owner who’s ready for an upgrade; or you’re interested in purchasing your first smartphone, the iPhone 11 is a moderately priced, advanced phone with a lot of pluses and few minuses.