Minimalism in the Bathroom: 5 Tips to Fight Clutter


While clutter stacks up quickly on kitchen counters and in bedrooms, the bathroom often stays the most cramped of all our living spaces. Not only are these rooms usually smaller than the rest, but many people stuff them full of bottles, accessories, and assorted “stuff” that we accumulate throughout the months and years.

From used-up product containers to cluttered countertops, bathrooms have a tendency to stay messy even when they’re clean. Minimalism creates efficient washrooms that feel more open.

Whether you seem to collect medicine bottles or have lots of hair products, everyone needs help making their bathrooms functional. Follow these tips to eliminate mounding medicine cabinets and counters full of clutter for improved minimalism in the bathroom.

Take Inventory of Your Bathroom Items

Take everything currently stored in the bathroom and empty it out. Take note of how many items you have. If this already sounds like a lot of work, that’s probably a good indication your bathroom is far too cluttered as it is! 

Combine any duplicate products that you can, and toss out any bottles that have maybe one more squirt left inside. If you have any expired over-the-counter medication, go ahead and throw them away. 

Once you have a list of things that must stay and those that can’t, you can begin scaling back. Remember, though, it’s not about what you don’t have in your bathroom but using the area more efficiently.

Reevaluate Your Daily Bathroom Habits

While it’s certainly more convenient to leave your hairdryer on the bathroom counter, you probably don’t need it living there. In general, unless you find yourself using items every day when getting ready for work, you can likely keep it elsewhere.

Keep the counters visible and try to have containers and holders for toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton balls, and others. Not only will this eliminate more of your daily clutter, but it gives your bathroom a cleaner appearance as well.

If you only use products once in a blue moon, it doesn’t need to live in your bathroom. You may even discover that the lighting wasn’t as good as you had thought it was for doing your makeup.

Buy Storage Containers

How much of your vanity cabinet space goes wasted because you crammed hairdryers, product boxes, and other loose items inside? Purchasing new storage containers helps you stay organized, and you don’t always need to buy plastic bins for your thing.

You can find a variety of attractive storage options, from updated vanities to over-commode shelving, modern medicine cabinets, and others. Your new containers not only keep your bathroom counters better organized but enhances the washroom’s appearance as well.

Or, recycle old glass containers for a Do It Yourself approach when you can’t find items that match your décor. You may even find that they suit your design tastes better than anything you see at the store.

Clean Your Bathroom Frequently

While this tip is more about staying sanitary, it does help you keep your bathroom clear of clutter also. You need to see the surfaces to make sure they’re spotless so cleaning frequently forces you to keep counters clear.

During your weekly cleaning process, you can quickly take inventory and reevaluate whether they belong there or it needs relocating. And when your bathroom stays cleaner, it also appears lighter, brighter, and even a bit larger in the end.

Cleaning your bathroom also prevents stains from forming, which only make your fixtures look older and worse for wear. For a pristine brighter washroom, you must keep your faucets, glass, and porcelain sparkling week after week.

Use Linen Hooks & Hardware for Towels

Some people have counters lined with old hand towels, taking up space and trapping bacteria and germs. Not only does it chew up more of your bathroom’s free space this way, but they aren’t drying as efficiently.

Utilizing linen hooks and other hardware proves the ideal choice, especially when your bathroom doesn’t have a linen closet. Best of all, hooks don’t take up as much room on the walls as towel bars, making for minimalistic designs.

If possible, you can even install these on surfaces like behind doors to free up even more usable living space. By avoiding the usual spots like the wall, counters, or towel bars, it makes your bathroom appear more streamlined.