Latest Rumors for the Upcoming iPhone 12


Although the launch of the upcoming iPhone 12 has been delayed, it’s still happening. And while we don’t know much yet, some feasible details have emerged that warrant the attention of anyone looking to upgrade.

What we can expect is much of the same Apple designs and upgrades. That said, a faster phone never hurts, especially when you’re stuck at home streaming all day. Unfortunately, you are stuck with your iPhone 11 for a few more months. Until then, binge watch and washing your hands.

The Launch is Still Happening

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the electronics market. Many projects are held up, delayed, rescheduled, or otherwise postponed. However, the iPhone 12 launch IS still happening, and it won’t be too much longer. Tentatively, Apple is planning on a September 2020 date, though it should be noted that this itself is subject to change.

This timeframe would work well as it’s already close to the typical holiday shopping season. However, rumors abound that they may decide to hold off a few more weeks for Black Friday.

Unfortunately, it’s still too early to tell how soon shoppers will return to pre-Coronavirus outings. Or, we may see Cyber Monday spillover through the entire winter season instead.

Improved Phone RAM

It’s unclear how many iPhone 12’s we will see at launch. We can, however, assume it’s at least two to four. Based on prior launches there are likely two higher-end Pro models. These should have at least 6 GB, a first for the line.

The remaining standard editions are probably holding at only 4 GB. That isn’t a downgrade from current phones, but it isn’t an upgrade, either. We may see slightly boosted figures at launch, though not likely. It seems the big push is adopting 5G capabilities across the board before it rolls out.

A Return to Boxy Corners

The latest line of iPhones may move away from the traditional rounded corners. We haven’t seen boxier phones since the iPhone 4 and X. If true, the move does add symmetry to the square four-lens camera array on the back. And the corners do round off, just not as severely.

Hopefully, we will also receive some design improvements elsewhere. Unfortunately, you can only do so much each year other than adding a new number. However, the latest iPhone is likely to be a case of function over style, given the circumstances.

I’m sure a more dramatic change is on the horizon with next year’s products.

Will Siri Get an Upgrade?

Back in January, Apple acquired, an AI startup, for $200 million. And as the company had a focus on deep machine learning, it could mean significant changes. Apple could use the iPhone 12 launch as a way to relaunch Siri. Or, we could see a potential rival to Amazon’s Alexa.

With 5G coming to the iPad Pro and possibly Apple Watch 6, it makes sense. They may introduce a new era of AI to the smartphone market.

Either way, Siri will likely have some new features to show off. And if not, maybe she’ll come off smarter than before.