OnePlus 8: Why It’s Worth the Upgrade



Do you have the need for speed? What about a crystal-clear, no-frills display?

With the OnePlus 8 line launching soon, now’s the time to decide to upgrade. And while the latest model keeps its established look, there are lots under the hood.

See what the company has learned from the 7. It has plenty of surprises up its sleeve, placing it ahead of competitors.

Fast and Powerful

Even the standard edition boasts a fast and powerful set of gear. With UFS 3.0 storage, your phone performs like an SSD device.

LPPDR5 gives the phone faster speeds, ideal for the upgraded camera and graphics. Finally, with a Snapdragon 865 processor, which outpaces the 855 by 25%.

The real upgrade here, though, is OnePlus fully embracing 5G. The modem gets paired with the processor for even better performance.

While you still won’t find a headphone jack, you do get USB-C port. And with Bluetooth capabilities, you can likely find something to listen with anyways.

Clearer Screen Design

The OnePlus 8 makes some interesting changes to its display. Notably, it loses its seamless screen in favor of a Punch Hole camera.

However, that does replace the pop-up lens, keeping more components internal. And with a 90 Hz screen refresh rate, it stays clear longer.

There might be an option to change screen refresh rates, at least in upgraded models. However, even with touching the speed options, you can anticipate high-resolution images and videos.

Improvement Over Series 7

The OnePlus 7 boasted few exclusive features other than a selfie flash. With the 8, however, you get tons of improvements.

OnePlus 8 has the same CPU but improves virtually everything else. With higher RAM, storage, and enhanced camera array, it feels like an upgraded series.

In only one year, the OnePlus 8 gives users more flexibility and better performance. And with the better battery and wireless charging option, your phone stays ready.

While you will find fewer photography options, the lenses create consistently better images. Less is more with software when you focus on hardware improvements.

Will the OnePlus 8 Sell in the USA?

Unfortunately, OnePlus hasn’t always released every phone model in the USA. Notably, the 7 series wasn’t sold here, except the Pro model.

And with the OnePlus 8 Pro also available, we may see the same thing. Or, they could have three models ready, a Lite, Standard, and Pro, respectively.

Unfortunately, we may not know until the company offers an official date. Until then, we should have access to at least one of the three new types.

Is the OnePlus 8 Worth the Upgrade?

Even if you have last year’s phone, you might want to consider upgrading. If nothing else, the OnePlus 7 is not 5G capable, ageing it even faster.

Despite fewer photography modes, you receive improved camera arrays instead. And with faster, better-performing hardware, they look even better.

Those who work with lots of media files may want to buy the 8 Pro. However, for most users, the 8 Standard will solve most of your needs.