How the OnePlus 8 is the Phone for Minimalists



We talk a lot about minimalism in these pages. As we’ve said before, minimalism isn’t about not having enough stuff. Rather, it’s about doing more with less. What’s more, it’s about doing things more purposefully. This philosophy can be extended to cellphones as well. While new phones bring tons of features, some do so better than others.

Not every new device is adding a number onto old features. In fact, the OnePlus 8 has many improvements over the 7 without sacrificing its sleekness and without going for flash.

While many products look slim, few packs enough power to make it worth it. The OnePlus 8 edition, however, proves itself as the ideal smartphone for minimalists.

Subdued Camera Array

It feels like the goal of every phone company lately is adding more lenses. And the inherent problem, then, is where do you stick them all?

Rival products use clusters, while OnePlus has a neat linear row in the back. That allows the three lenses to work with each other for more fluid images.

The front continues to whittle down the available bevels, too. While not as sleek as the 7’s display, the new one still uses rounded corners.

Finally, the front-facing camera peeks out of a Punch Hole display design. Although you can see it, it does end the use of pop-up lenses.

Sleek Display

Are you tired of bevels taking up room on your phone? You’re not alone. OnePlus is right there with you. With the exception of a thin “chin” line, the OnePlus 8 ditches most bevels. And while not as immersive as the 7, the 8’s display still looks great.

Although the front-facing camera is apparent, the corners stay rounded. What’s more, the improved display offers crisper colors and brighter images as well. Even without its seamless signature design, the new model stays low-profile. You don’t have to fret over a finger scan port or button to fight, either.

Few Color Options

There still aren’t any official colors having gotten announced yet. However, there are several we could see at launch.

Of course, you still have the standard metallic gray if you prefer. Or, there may be brighter and bolder options as well. The three seemingly branded options are Interstellar Glow, Onyx Black, and Glacial Green. Interstellar Glow has a purple-to-yellow gradient, while Onyx is solid black.

Glacial Green also introduces a lighter shade, avoiding candy-like colors. There may be a similarly deeper blue color as well.

Keep in mind these options are based off supposedly “leaked” information and have not been confirmed. However, it seems we’ll have a variety of standard color options to go along with a new additional and off beat or unique offerings.

Minimalists at Heart

OnePlus has already streamlined its logos, showing their minimalist skillset. While not a huge change, it does reinforce what design changes matter most. Their already short “Never Settle” motto also got a glow-up as well. Still the rallying cry, they’ve gone for sleeker printing and font choices.

Couple that with a buttonless experience and rounded corners, and you have a minimalist phone. Even with all the upgraded features, OnePlus packs a lot in a small package.

And, unlike the 7, the 8 allows for FM radio broadcasting. If you missed your music, now is the time to upgrade (minus the headphone jack).