How OnePlus 8 Pro Upgrades the Line



We’re back on the OnePlus 8 today. This time we’re looking at the OnePlus 8 Pro. And while some may complain that the OnePlus 8 Pro doesn’t look different; it’s nice to see when a model finds a style to start building brands.

The latest changes here might be a tad subtle for those looking for flash and pomp. However, they add tons of improvement. Even without a glaring difference, the newest models have tons to offer.

Display Differences

Unfortunately, the OnePlus 7 has one of the best displays ever made. Why, then, change something that works so well? The OnePlus 8 Pro ditches a seamless experience in favor of a punch-hole camera. While past models offered a pop-up lens, that has gotten replaced.

To secure a water-resistant IP rating, the new phone has changed its display. As a result, you have a more reliable device, making for a warranted trade.

Hardware Changes

It might not be quite as stylish as its predecessors, but the display on the OnePlus 8 Pro is much more functional. And with a wider chin, it balances the front appearance nicely.

Need to kick things up a notch? The Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset promises improved speed and stability over previous editions. And while that could mean more power consumption, the battery is larger as well.

Reversing course, the OnePlus 8 Pro may offer reverse charging as well as wireless charging. That means it could power other devices in the family, and juice up faster. A nice little perk!

Smartphone Appearance

Unfortunately, you won’t see much difference between the 8 Pro and older models with the naked eye. While the display is the most glaringly different, it still builds off of previous launches.

The smartphone body is highly similar to past phones, only broader for internal upgrades. It still stays quite slim despite the new features which results in a sleek, minimalist style that looks fashionable without flashy and eminently functional.

Finally, there should be at least a handful of official launch colors. There could also be additional options following the initial release; however, keep in mind that none of the colors are “official” as of yet.

Battery Pack Size

While the Pro 8 may offer reverse charging, it also introduces wireless features. That is a change from previous models where wireless charging was dismissed.

In addition to new charging capabilities, the phone size is larger as well. You can anticipate upwards of 4510 mAh, beneficial for the new display.

To conserve juice during the day, screenshots suggest users can adjust their display refresh rate. Or, you can keep it at 120 HZ, knowing you have power to spare.

Improved RAM and Storage

Like the OnePlus 7, you can look forward to ample RAM and storage. The 8 Pro launches with 12 GB of RAM, with potential other options.

For storage, the newer phone should top out at 256 MB. That is plenty of space to save and edit those new selfies.

Combined with wireless charging features, it could make for a great professional device. Or, it can take your amateur photographer hobby to the next level.

Should I Upgrade from the OnePlus 7?

Some uses see the OnePlus 8 Plus as the same model with a different number. However, with the improved hardware and performance, we think it’s worth the upgrade.

If nothing else, the 8 Pro is 5G capable out of the box. And with a fine-tuned rear photo array, you can send better pictures faster.

More storage and RAM mean a smartphone that can tango with established brands. And with a larger battery that can do more, it’s worth it if you’re looking to take the next step.