Dress Like a Minimalist: Fashion Basics for Men


Minimal fashion

One area that seems challenging for most seeking a minimalist lifestyle is a person’s closet and clothing items. Does doing more with less mean that you can’t enjoy fashion, or that you must throw out your favourite things?

Thankfully, it does not! Many think of minimalist fashion as a lot of bland colors and patterns. Perhaps a barren wardrobe full of few items and no variety. Sure, you can go this route if you really want to. But why? You can still enjoy living life as a minimalist, even with a fully stocked wardrobe. By following these fashion basics, you can enjoy a daily appearance that suits you without getting bogged down in accessories, clutter, or excess.

Before you bag up your entire closet, you can utilize items better. See how well your clothes work with these hints.

What Items Do You Need?

While the goal might be to reduce your daily outfit’s pieces, you don’t have to make do with fewer clothes. Instead, many self-proclaimed minimalists wind up having the most clothing items, which get mixed, matched, and accessorized virtually every day.


Minimalist fashion

Begin with narrowing down which pieces you must buy, like a good pair of jeans, sneakers, and shirts. Then continue adding in other things you can’t live without, like dress clothing, neckties, belts, and other daily-use items.

You will soon see that you don’t always have to run out of hangars to have something to wear. And conversely, minimalism does allow room for you to grow your collection at whatever pace suits you the most.

Don’t Purchase Single-Ensemble Pieces

It can feel nearly impossible to pass up a good deal on an otherwise expensive outfit at a department store. However, consider the versatility of the item you’re considering. The goal of minimalistic dressing isn’t about restricting what you wear, but rather, optimizing them for more uses.

We’re going for versatility with our items. If certain articles of clothing aren’t particularly fitting when it comes to a wider variety of situations, it makes it that much more challenging to justify their upfront costs.

Minimalist hero

Some minimalists enjoy having “a uniform.” That is, a distinct look that’s uniquely theirs. Think Steve Jobs and his trademark jeans and black turtleneck. Distinctly “him” but versatile enough to wear in a variety of situations. 

Ditch the *actual* uniforms that have little, to no versatility. Try and wear each outfit you create both together, as well as separated with other items, to make them more cost-effective. Plus, by introducing them to different outfits, you may find an even better look than what you initially bought.

Rethink Your Purchases

What belongings can get worn with nearly anything else in your closet, and what things have stricter fashion requirements? By knowing what clothing items get the most daily use, you can budget your shopping more effectively.

Rather than purchasing more accessories, you don’t need, locate daily wear items that they can complement better. Cut down on accessories overall and only retain the ones you *actually* use with any regularity. Sunglasses, wallet, watch, etc. By skipping things you don’t plan on wearing very often, as well as reducing your accessories, you can avoid higher costs as well as clutter.

You don’t have to focus all your cash on one outfit that will break the bank and offers limited use. When you shop smarter, you can quickly expand your wardrobe without spending as much on singular outfits.

Use Complementary Colors & Patterns

When you shop around a particular color palette, it can allow you to utilize fewer pieces in many different ways. Whether you prefer to find your favorite colors or dress with the seasons, you can find a variety of combinations.

Start with either neutral tones, or stick to a combination of dark blues, whites, grays, and other hues. By wearing different items together, your friends, family, and coworkers might not even realize you wore them earlier this week.

Whether you’re a winter, or you like to change with the weather, you can get lots of use this way. Dark denim works well as either a casual or more dressed up look. A good pair of brown shoes can also either dress up or down an outfit, depending upon the occasion. 

minimalist fashion

Bring Out Your Best Side

You don’t have to be a model to look like you’re about to walk down the runway. By focusing on your best features, or leaning into colors that compliment you best, you can look better with less.

Some silhouettes work better with specific shapes, patterns, and colors, while others should work with their complexion and facial features. From shirt collars to belts and accessories, you have a lot to play around with to find the right combination.

Whether you have a prominent jawline or a fuller waist, you can find which shirts, pants, and shoes work ideally. And when you improve your overall appearance, you can anticipate a boost to your self-esteem as well.