Changes Coming to the iPhone 12: Launching a New Apple Era


Few details have gotten leaked so far about the changes coming to the iPhone 12. And while that means tons of speculation, it does offer hope for a better UX among other features which many Apple devotees are looking forward to.

Suggested upgrades could mean a faster, more stable experience from top to bottom. And with a renewed focus on peripherals, the iPhone 12 may lead to something more.

Improved Image Stabilization

Do your photos always seem shaky, even with every auto feature applied? Apple is working on fixing this all-too-common issue.

Sensor-shift image stabilization is likely arriving via an improved ultra-wide lens. Even when not in use, it is likely to help in defining image depth and clarity. While that doesn’t help now, it’s a welcomed change to look forward to later. Unfortunately, it won’t improve the UX in Periscope. The app is still not announcing a zoom function, which may be years off. By then, who knows if you will even want to continue to use Periscope.

Apple Prime Could Bundle Your Services

Although the name isn’t wholly original, it makes sense to hear this rumor. Apple could introduce a bundled service, Apple Prime, to consolidate its entertainment platforms.

The proposed bundle would likely tie together Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple News Plus. And with the suggested peripheral upgrades below, it could make relaxing even easier. Not only would users bundle their services, but likely have broader device options. Maybe we will see cross-room streaming and audio possibilities as well.

That could improve at-home video meetings or long-distance movie nights. And with AR headsets scheduled for 2022, this could be a steppingstone.

And Speaking of Peripherals

The Apple Watch Series 6 has many rumored upgrades that are likely to come to fruition. The usual harder, better, faster, stronger approach is expected, such as improved water resistance.

However, it’s the speed improvements suggested for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that hides more. It would make sense to see a Pro edition with 5G capabilities.

And, to further add fuel to the fire, the iPad Pro is also 5G capable. Combined with Apple Prime, that would lead to cross-room streaming options that hopefully exist.

That offers tons of possibilities when connected to the iPhone 12. From entertainment to health, it seems the true upgrade this round is improving communication.

Is It Even Called the iPhone 12?

 Honestly, the biggest surprise of the iPhone 12 launch is if it used a different name. Although that’s a significant change of course, it would make sense. We had iPhones numbered 3 through 8, and then X. Now, we have the iPhone 11, a return to the former scheme.

However, the less-rounded corners do mimic much of the X’s design. Apple may be building off it with a dedicated line of phones. Will we get a different name or stick with the numbers? Perhaps they’ll play things safe and instead go with “12”. Or, maybe we will see something altogether different by September.