Our Story

Long story short, we created MNML Case because we disliked other smartphone cases.

While they do offer protection, traditional smartphone cases add unnecessary bulk and take away the organic look and feel of our phones. Even the thinnest phone cases we could find still added too much bulk for our liking.

So in 2014, we hopped on a plane and flew across the world in search of a case that we actually liked. After months of searching high and low, we did it. We found the case.

It was love at first sight; 0.35mm of ultra-thin minimalism that didn’t even feel like a case. Thus, MNML Case was born!

We love these cases and we think you will too.

Here are the core values upon which we’ve built our business:

-  Building relationships -- You are not just another customer to us, you are a partner. You are the other half of the equation that allows us to keep creating the cases we love. We treat you how we would want to be treated.
-  Standing behind our product -- If, for whatever reason, you are not happy with our product, let us know. We love and appreciate any and all feedback, and are constantly pushing to make improvements to the MNML Case.
-  Exceeding your expectations -- From our customer service to your purchase experience, we are constantly tweaking things to improve our business and exceed your expectations. We want you to have a great experience whenever you communicate with us.

As a young case brand, we’re constantly growing and trying to improve our operation. We aren’t perfect, and your opinion matters to us. We would love to hear some suggestions on how we could make things better.

The MNML Case Team