Our philosophy began with hating fat bulky phone cases so we made MNML Case to provide sleek, minimalistic, alternative in neutral colours.

Our customers like to look classy, not flashy.

Despite our love affair with MNML Case, we felt pigeon-holed into focusing on thin cases, while our desire is to be so much more.

PHNX will still provide the cases that you know while offering new case types and growing our line of accessories.

Our commitment is to provide products with a simplistic design in neutral colours.

A brand made by minimalists, for minimalists.

We also wanted to support a cause that motivated each person working here at PHNX.

So, during a meeting, each individual proposed a foundation to support. Then, after much discussion, we had a vote and it was unanimous.

We decided to support the Ocean Conservancy. an organization dedicated to keeping the oceans clean and free of oil, trash and other pollutants.

This is why $1 will be donated to the Ocean Conservancy by PHNX each time a purchase is made.


Their Mission

Is to protect the ocean from today's greatest global challenges by creating science-based solutions.

Keeping the oceans clean and free of oil, trash and other pollutants, is a cause that we are very passionate about supporting.
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The PHNX Story

The mythical Phoenix is symbolic of change.

One change that we've noticed is that businesses are becoming aware of their environmental and social impact.

This is why PHNX is not only a brand but a pledge to be responsible and wholistic about the decisions we make and how they affect all stakeholders involved.

Our journey started with MNML Case, where we sought out to find a case for those who disliked having fat pockets. A case that shows off the design of your phone, while providing sufficient protection.

PHNX will continue to provide quality-made, sleek cases, with a commitment to improving our environmental impact.

We have a lot in store for 2021. Stay tuned for announcements.

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